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Have GDPR translated into German

Operators of multilingual websites who aim to enhance transparency in their users’ rights should consider having their GDPR translated, for instance, from English to German. This is because personal data contains sensitive information about individuals, who might perceive this as an intrusion into their privacy.

What are the benefits of providing the GDPR in German?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation developed for various purposes. On one hand, it ensures the protection of personal data, while on the other hand, it standardizes and harmonizes data protection across the European Union. Hence, it’s beneficial for international companies to present their privacy implementation measures to their German customers. A solid understanding of GDPR implementation instills more trust in the company from business partners in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. A professional German translation provides clarity concerning data protection laws in England or the USA and outlines the rights and obligations of users.

Global customer service through GDPR translation

Any international company that employs global marketing strategies should have their GDPR translated. This strengthens collaboration with German partners and fosters effective communication. Transparency regarding the handling of personal data is enhanced, ensuring close cooperation on an international scale. However, attention should be paid to a professional German translation since GDPR is a legal document containing intricate legal terminology and phrasing.

The German translator at text-verfasser.de has been producing legal translations for international companies for many years. Clients benefit from specialized texts that adhere closely to the terminology of the German legal system. This results in a transfer of GDPR into German that provides readers with a deep understanding of implementation measures and privacy.

Cost of translating GDPR into German

Those interested in translating their GDPR should undoubtedly seek quotes from several translators and/or agencies. Prices can naturally vary, as each quote depends on language pair, field of expertise, and text volume. It’s crucial, however, to engage a professional translation service to ensure the legal significance of the regulation is conveyed effectively. At text-verfasser.de, clients receive a professional German translation, with costs calculated per word of the source text. For legal translations, the price ranges between 0.11 and 0.13 euros per word.